American Antiquarian Society – Worcester, MA

Client: American Antiquarian Society
Architect: Samuel Anderson
Finish: Historic

Boston University – Boston, MA

Client: Boston University
Architect: Payette
Finish: Nebula Finish

Old Oakleaf – Pitsboro, NC

Client: Oakleaf
Finish: Custom Zinc

University of Tennessee – JIAMS – Knoxville, TN

Client: University of Tennessee
Architect: Barber McMurry
Finish: Light Verdigris Finish

Shrewsbury Public Library – Shrewsbury, MA

Client: Shrewsbury Public Library
Architect: Lamoureux Pagano
Finish: Dark Verdigris Finish

James Museum – St. Petersburg, FL

Client: The James Museum
Architect: Wannemacher Jensen Architects
Finish: Nebula

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