Copper Finishes


Copper is treated to achieve reddish, brown, blue, and sometimes purplish hues which mimic the first step of patina seen in metal aged 1 to 5 years.

Dark Verdigris

Soft blue-green highlights begin to emerge from the bronze background emulating early term patina formation between 5 to 15 years.

Light Verdigris

Blue-green highlights blossom from the dark bronze background. Typical on copper during late term patina formation between 15 to 25 years.


Combines the cascading crystal formation seen in nature with the hand of the artist to produce stunning visual effects.


Fully developed copper patina as seen on exterior copper aged 30 or more years.


Soap Stone

Zinc is treated so that gray and black textures begin to emerge, adding dimension to create an interesting and dynamic surface

Lithic Zinc

Natural zinc is treated to express almost iridescent red, brown, and purplish hues in a range of textures.


Reddened Brass

Architectural grade brass sheets are treated to achieve deep hues often associated with bronze statuary. Reddened Brass is available in a variety of textures and shades. The color is deep, luminous, luxurious, and complex. These colors can be achieved on either non directional or long grain brushed brass and architectural bronze.


Weathered Steel

Steel is treated to express the almost blueish reds of raw iron exposed to the elements, and is sealed to prevent further rusting and runnoff.


Advantages of Natural Metals

Self Healing

Natural Metal finishes are self healing. Scratches and grazes incurred throughout their lifetime will fill in and heal to match the surrounding patina.

Recycled Materials

We are conscious of our footprint and use recycled metals when possible to help do our part.

Built to Last

These materials are time honored and tested to ensure that they will last generations.

Natural Beauty

The natural variation of our materials are finely adapted by our specialists to make each piece a work of art.

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