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DLSS Manufacturing is a high end provider of architectural sheet metal finishes, primarily for civic and institutional use. DLSS partners with architects, manufacturers, fabricators, and installers to create visually stunning facade cladding utilizing a variety of natural metals.

Copper cladding solutions can mimic the evolving life of the patina surface along the timeline from five to fifty years.

Unlike painted metal finishes, patina naturally “heals” itself with exposure to the elements.

Scratches and discoloration will weather out naturally. Weathering is largely dependent on the dwell time of moisture on the surface of the metal. Ultimately the patina acts as a barrier to corrosion for generations.
DLSS guarantees that the surface will not “check” or rinse off under normal natural weather conditions for a period of one year, after which the natural patina formation will have taken over. Under normal conditions the surface aspect will mature for the entire life of the copper.


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